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Vegetarian Receipes Can Improve Your Mood!

Chinese Vegetarian Receipes

Are you looking for Chinese vegetarian receipes? Look no further because Quick and Easy Chinese Vegetarian Cooking has just what you're looking for! Cooking vegetarian food and meals doesn't have to be boring, or bland. It can be both exciting, and rewarding allowing your to cook delicious Chinese vegetarian dishes and at the same time, help you improve your diet by eating more fresh and organically grown plant based foods.

The one thought most people think of when they hear about vegetarian cooking is that it's probably boring and tasteless, and that vegetarians do not get the proper nutrition. Nothing is further from the truth. There are many studies done on vegetarian diets and diets involving meat, which have found numerous health benefits of cooking vegetarian.

For example, a study of vegetarian diet looked at how it affects healthy mood states. This study looked at the associations between mood state and polyunsaturated fatty acid intake as a result of adherence to a vegetarian or omnivorous diet. 138 healthy men and women took part. The results of this study showed that the vegetarian group reported significantly less negative emotion than the omnivore group! The vegetarian group had significantly lower intake of EPA, DHA, and omega 6 fatty acid, and had a much higher intake of shorter-chain alpha-linolenic acid. [1]

As you can see, eating vegetarian foods not only helps improve your health, it can even help improve your mood and feeling as show in the study mentioned above.

Cooking vegetarian receipes doesn't have to be boring either, and in fact, it can be a fun and rewarding experience. There are all types of vegetarian receipes available that are easy to cook and enjoyable to eat. Vegetarian cooking does not simply just involving steaming or boiling some vegetables, but you can stir-fry, make salads, use all types of spices and flavoring to spice up your vegetarian receipes!

In Chinese vegetarian cooking there are numerous receipes that use a wide variety of ingredients for cooking. Tofu and tofu products are a large part of Chinese vegetarian diet, and as well, in Chinese vegetarian diet, there are methods and techniques that use various plant based ingredients to make "vegetarian meat" - these are NOT real meat, but made from vegetarian products that simulate the taste and texture of meat. You can learn more about these interesting and simple techniques in our Quick and Easy Chinese Vegetarian Cooking guide.

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