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Spice Up Your Diet With My Secret Sichuan Hot Sauce!

Have you ever wondered what makes restaurant food so good? Not just because they have great chefs, but because of their "secret recipes and secret sauces".

This is exactly why I'm sharing my Secret Hot Sauce Recipe with you!

Using my secret hot sauce, you can make your cooking taste better than what you'd get from a Chinese restaurant! This is a secret Szechuan hot sauce that's passed down generations, and over the years, I have made my own changes to make it even better!

I use my secret hot sauce exclusively for all my cooking... and guess what? Everyone who's ever tried my cooking loves it! They always ask me, how did you cook it? Or, what ingredients did you put in your recipe?

Now, I'm sharing my secret hot sauce recipe with you, so you too, can cook delicious, and irrisistible Chinese food!

This is NOT just a hot sauce to make your food spicy... It adds wonderful flavors and aroma to your cooking. You can use it in soups, stir-frying, braising and stewing, and for making other delicious sauces.

My secret hot sauce recipe is perfected through years of experimentation and fine tuning. Now I've dedicated a whole recipe book to show you how to easily make it yourself... You will learn about everything in detail, here's how:

  • 2 common kitchen tools you need (only 2!)
  • The ingredients accompanied with photos and detailed explanations
  • Making The Hot Sauce:- Quick Overview -- 6 simple steps to make mouthwatering hot sauce
  • Making The Hot Sauce: Preparation -- Preparing to make the secret hot sauce. Detailed instructions handling each ingredient
  • Making The Hot Sauce: Mixing Ingredients -- The proper method to mix the ingredients explained in detail
  • Making The Hot Sauce: Storing The Hot Sauce -- How to properly store your hot sauce
  • Using and Preserving The Hot Sauce -
    • A whole section on proper use and storage of your hot sauce
    • 3 valuable tips to preserving the hot sauce
    • The 1 ingredient to enhance the flavor and longevity of your hot sauce
  • Every step has photos to show you exactly what to do
  • Plus, you get a bonus recipe on how to make your own chili oil

If you love spicy food, or even if you're not 'into' spicy food, use my secret hot sauce in your cooking, and I guarantee that everything will taste delicious. That is how confident I am, about my secret hot sauce. I'm positive that you will love it once you try it!

So what are you waiting for?

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